✨ Wish list

We're planning and developing new integrations and features from this wish list. Ideas with more votes will be prioritized. When you vote, you'll receive automatic progress updates 😎


Provide a feature to make links shorter. URL shortening is a technique used to convert long, complex website links into shorter and more manageable...

Provide an option to add multiple videos in the same post.

Allow the creation of carousel posts with more than 9 images, particularly on Instagram and Facebook. Check here the current image limits per...

Add the ability to include the first comment on your post when scheduling to Facebook.

Implement a search feature to search words from the content in Hookle app.


Ability to publish Facebook story with Hookle. Currently stories is supported for Instagram only.

The preview image and excerpt for links/URL added in the new post view may not always be displayed. Due to the complex nature of various websites,...

Implement notifications to alert users about expiring recurring posts, offering them a chance to extend the duration seamlessly.

Introduce the ability to add and select multiple AI-suggested images for a single post, and also the ability to add in one go.

Showing holiday and observances (i.e., Mother's Day) right on the planning calendar so we can generate content accordingly.

Provide the option to customize content automatically (using AI) for all selected social accounts in the post according to different social networks'...


Add ability to publish TikTok stories.


Integrate Make.com into Hookle.


Integrate pabbly.com into Hookle.


Add Etsy integration to Hookle

Increase the size of the video that can be uploaded to Hookle. The current limit is 200 Mb.

Introduce collaboration feature, an approval workflow for posts scheduled by someone else, allowing for review before they are published live, among...

Add a competitor analysis feature to Hookle.

Implement a feature that enables users to easily modify all hashtags for their accounts in a post collectively. This would simplify the process of...

Implement an addition of a feature for utilizing recurring posts with AI suggestions. This feature allows users to compose a post and receive...

Provide a sorting option for accounts in the Stats view.

I'd really love to see the ability to automatically add UTM parameters for links per social network. A UTM parameter is text added to a URL to track...

Provide a way to rearrange images in the new post view.

Provide the setting to enable/disable the dark mode within the app.

Add the option to post in a Facebook Group using a profile different from your own.